Meet The Team

Brendan Roy – Owner/Lead Photographer

Hey I’m Brendan. 

I started my business in high school, photographed my first wedding when I was 16 and moved from my hometown of Wainwright to Edmonton to study Photographic Technology at NAIT when I was 17. 

What Inspires Me:

  • Clear storytelling, dynamic lighting and vibrant color. For me a photograph is a sum of its parts. Getting it right in each step is crucial in making a photo memorable.
  • Great cinematography, I can get absolutely absorbed into a great movie, nothing beats watching a movie on the big screen!
  • Music, unless I’m sleeping I always have something playing. Oftentimes I have a handful of songs I listen to on repeat while editing a wedding.

Fun Facts:

  • I have a growing collection of over 100 plants in my apartment
  • I collect film cameras, some dating back to the early 1900’s
  • I’ve lived all over Canada in addition to living in the U.S for 4 years
“What would please me most is to make photographs as incomprehensible  as life.
-William Klein

Alexander Drost – Lead Videographer

Guten Tag! I’m Alex. In 2008, I moved from Germany to Canada and brought with me my love for movies and passion for filmmaking.

Why do I love filmmaking? I’m still trying to find a good answer to that, but for now I can say I enjoy filming weddings the most! After all, every wedding is a love story, the very type of story that brings innumerable people to the movies (or streaming services) over and over again. 

Every wedding is different, but what draws me to them is to not only witness the wonder of the event itself, but also having the important task of being the one who gets to film it! 

When the day is done and everything is wrapped up, I immediately begin reviewing the material for the video edit. I simply can’t wait for the newlywed to get the final video and see the wedding highlight reel for themselves!

Interesting Facts About Me:

  • I prefer imported beer from Europe. (Nothing against local beer, but I’m German.)
  • I studied English Literature at university because I wanted to write screenplays when I graduate. (I still do when inspiration strikes.)
  • I love Shakespeare’s work. I did a year and a half in Shakespeare studies when I was at university.
  • I wrote my own wedding vows only a few hours before my wedding ceremony.

“If at first an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

– Albert Einstein

Natasha Brumwell-Blessing – Associate Photographer

Hey! I’m Natasha, located in Edmonton, Alberta with my 3 cats; Amelia, Kitty, and Mouse. I started my career as a tiny human, armed with a disposable camera and a love for capturing everything I could lay my eyes on.

When I finally purchased my first REAL camera, I spent the majority of my free time taking pictures. I ended up attending the NAIT Photographic Technology program  from 2015-2017 where I met Brendan.

I believe photography to be a universal language, allowing for self-reflection. There is depth and soul in everyone, and being able to capture this is one of the main reasons I love photography.

What Inspires Me:

  • People. Different faces, styles and stories, I love capturing each person’s unique story.
  • Nature, there is so much beauty in this world, I love combining this with my work
  • Light. Patience and perseverance are needed when holding out for that perfect light. Good lighting will always inspire me!
  • Fun Facts:
  • I am vegan and passionate about waste free living
  • Someone once offered me 10 cows to be my husband while I was on holiday in Africa!
“What would please me most is to make photographs as incomprehensible  as life.
-William Klein

Dhirendra Chauhan – Lead Videographer

Hey, my name is Dhirendra. I am originally from India and moved to Canada in 2011. I lived in Toronto initially for my studies and then moved to Edmonton in 2014.

I can confidently say that moving to Edmonton to start my career was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started capturing video in 2011 using an iPhone and have been passionate about videography since, turning my passion into career in 2018.

I started with commercial work but it did not take too long for me to switch to capturing weddings. Weddings have always touched my heart. Being a wedding videographer my goal is to capture every moment so its beauty shines how you remember it.

Fun facts:

1. I grew up watching cricket but am now a hockey fan.

2. My favorite restaurant is Julio’s Barrio on Whyte ave.

4. I can speak 4 languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marwari!

Thank you for your time! Cant wait to capture your wedding story with a strong focus on natural and candid shots.